Electronic W-2
  To receive your Form W-2 in electronic format, you must take action to consent to electronic delivery. The following information will be required for completing the consent:  
  Your Login ID: This ID is all 9 digits of your JCPenney Security Number including the leading zeroes.  
  Example: If your JCPenney Security Number is 1234567, then your Login ID must be entered as 001234567.
  Default Password: The Default Password is the month and year of your birthday (mmyy), and the last 6 numbers of your social security number.  
  Example:If you were born January 1970 and your social security number is 123-45-6789. Your Default Password would be 0170456789.
  Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to change your password. Please read guidance on setting the password. Once set, make note of your password. You will need it to retrieve your electronic W-2 later.  
  JCPenney Employer PIN: 1722  
  Please note the required format of your JCPenney Security Number and Default Password before transferring to the W-2 screen.  
  Please click here to be transferred to the W-2 screen  
  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.00 or later to print your W-2  
  Please call 1-800-567-W24U or 1-800-567-9248 if you have questions related to your electronic W-2